We offer amazing value, as membership entitles one member & guest + 3 children under 18, entry to the North Coast National for three days. Membership is $65.00 if you direct deposit, visit our office, or post a cheque.

Download your Membership form here

Come as often as you like and stay as long as you like, all  for one great price.

Small children can find long days at exciting events like the show too much, and what should be the best day out of the whole year can turn into tears and tantrums. But not with a three day membership pass. That means that you can pop in for an hour or two each day and enjoy the things that each member of your family likes without everyone having to stay all day.

If it suits you, you can all come all day every day, and late into the night, enjoying the contrasts between the daytime actvities with their focus on what our community proudly grows, makes, bakes and creates – and the carnival atmosphere of the entertainment and thrills of the show after dark.

So, get a membership and stay on cruise control for the whole three days. Sample the thrills and spills and the quiet delights of our creative and productive community on show.

See you at the show!