About Us


The North Coast National Agricultural and Industrial Society Inc has been a much loved community organisation in our region for 132 years. The Society was formed to bring early settlers together to share knowledge about farming and also to show the world their achievements. It has always been a celebration of agriculture, ingenuity, creativity and resilience.

Our show is one of the largest in NSW and Queensland outside the capital cities, and it is run by a few loyal staff members and a large number of volunteers. Members elect  a management board each year and they meet regularly to oversee the maintenance of the grounds, plan for events, and ensure that the annual show is responsive to changing times and tastes.

The 2018 Board Members are

President: John Gibson

Vice Presidents: Ron Chittick & Paul O’Neill

Treasurer: Andrew Gordon

Committee:  Lyndal Allen, Sue Brand, Brad Lancaster,  Rachael Mitchell & Ron Weir.

Secretary: Mark Bailey

Assistant Secretary: Phillip Penwright


Welcome from the Banyam/Baigham people of the Bundjalung Nation

BugalbehBugal yanggiwahla gunu ngalingah jagunahGanngahla Banyam/Baigham ngeh ngali ngajangehni mahmangehniGanngahla gulgi baygalgahYuh yanggiwabah bulgamah waybarah bulangahNyahbibu G’day and welcome. It is good you are coming here to our country. We Banyam/Baigham people think about our Ancestors. You and other people, return home to your camps safely. See you Later.

The language above is Baigham from North Lismore as transcribed by Dr. Margaret Sharpe. This is one of the many languages of the Bundjalung Nation.

We would like to welcome and pay respect to our Ancestors and Elders, past and present, of the Bundjalung Nation. We extend that welcome to all visitors to this site.